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With the demise of the CDBaby store, we’ve moved our online CD sales to BullMoose.com

Kiss Me Quick is a collection of duets, written and recorded here at home on the coast of Maine.

Luminous Darkness – Parker Gray. A new recording of spoken and sung interpretations of poems from Peter’s collection “Big Mercy.” Parker Gray is Peter’s duo with keyboardist Harvey Jones. Meanwhile, we are both in the studio working on new projects. Peter has recorded new songs with The Real Band; Annie has a new solo project in the works.


Reach For It – Peter Gallway and The Real Band… When we moved to Maine, in 2018, Peter reconnected with musicians from an earlier incarnation of The Real Band that he performed with in the 70s and 80s. Now The Real Band is Mark Wainer on guitar and Andrea Re on vocals and percussion. This record is spare and full. And danceable.

Bookish – Annie’s solo, live-in-the-studio collection of twelve new songs. She says “I’m sidelined from performing because of chronic Lyme, so I made this recording to sound the way these songs would sound if I were able to play them in concert.”


Our seventh CD, Cold Smoke, is out and available at CDBaby

And... we've relocated to the central coast of Maine. Beautiful.


Annie's CD, Lucy Remembers Her Father, is out and available at CDBaby
Peter's CD, Feels Like Religion, is out and available at CDBaby too!


Our sixth CD, Two Sides To Every Story, is out and available at CDBaby

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Annie is finishing a new CD, Lucy Remembers Her Father, which is scheduled for a spring 2017 release date. Peter has two new projects in the works -- archival recordings from Peter Gallway & The Real Band, circa 1981, which will be available as download only in December 2016, as well as a new project of original material due in 2017.



Our fifth CD, at 2 in the morning, is out and available at CDBaby

Annie is finishing a new CD, Ghost, which features a-list fiddler Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers) and dobro and mandolin great David West (Cache Valley Drifters). Watch for its release in spring 2015. Peter continues to work on a new volume of poetry, Small Prayers, out later this year .And Hat Check Girl is already back in the studio working on their 6th project...




Our fourth CD, Goodbye Butterfield, is available at CDBaby

Annie is in the early stages of her next solo CD. And Hat Check Girl is back in the studio working on their 5th project, due early 2015.



Hat Check Girl is happy to announce that our third CD, Road To Red Point was released on the Waterbug label on November 20, 2012.

Peter and Annie reunited with Jerry Marotta in Woodstock, NY in late October to begin writing and recording the next HCG project, Goodbye Butterfield, due in fall 2013.

Hat Check Girl performs at Trinity Backstage in Santa Barbara on February 23, 2013.


The new Hat Check Girl CD Six Bucks Shy is scheduled for official release 9/15/
2011 with promotion across the U.S., Europe and Japan. See CDBaby and iTunes
for purchasing this and other works.

Hat Check Girl enjoyed a wonderful, Santa Barbara hometown show at Trinity
in July.

Hat Check Girl will be performing 10/15/2011 in Ashland, OR and then showcasing 10/20-22/2011 at the Far West Folk Alliance in Eugene, OR.

Stay tuned for the Santa Barbara Six Bucks Shy CD release party in November.

Other project news: Annie Gallup is currently working on her new solo CD, Little Five Points, due for release in early 2012 and Peter Gallway is in the final stages of preparing to publish a collection of poetry with the editorial assistance of Kristi Wallace.




Tenderness, the new Hat Check Girl recording is slated for late September 2010 release! Look for it here and at CDBaby and iTunes.

Annie Gallup’s new CD, Weather, 12 songs for voice and string quartet, recorded in New York City last April, is scheduled for release on Waterbug Records 10/19/10 and is available now at www.waterbug.com.

Hat Check Girl will showcase on main stage at the OCFF Conference in Ottawa, Ontario 10/14-17/2010.  We’re thrilled about this one!