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Cold Smoke
is a collection of thirteen stories with historical subtext and timeless melodies – some are fictional tales told against an historical backdrop, and others are accounts of actual events. Peter and Annie share vocals and instrumentation, and are joined by award winning fiddler Deirdre Wood Becher, from the bands Celtic Spring and Hidden Fifth.

"Their music has a lo-fi, dark Americana feel. Both artists are very literate, almost studious with their craft. Though their is very much their own, you can hear influences from the likes of Eric Taylor, Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed weaving through." -Maverick

“Gallway is the man with the tall-cool voice and elegantly understated touch on the electric guitar and keyboard, Gallup the siren poet with the breezy voice and sure touch on guitar, banjo and lap steel... This abundantly talented duo seems to have a genuine and gentle regard for each other that makes this a sophisticated and warm listening experience.” - Music Matters Review


Video: Beauty from "Two Sides To Every Story"


Video: Texas from "at 2 in the morning"


Video: Just Think Back - from Road To Red Point

Video: August Sin - from Six Bucks Shy

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