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Goodbye Butterfield

“We were visiting Montana when the fictional town of Butterfield and its inhabitants came to us. There is a particular atmosphere in a small Northern city, magnifying the stories of people whose entire lives play out there, of those who got away, and those that pass through.

Butterfield might be in Montana, or in any of the Northern towns and cities we’ve called home over the years . . . in Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, the Northwest . . . someplace where the undeniable changing of seasons colors everything.

This is a collection of stories rooted in a place, how deeply a life is affected by place, how the perception of a life is affected by place — how it shades the character of memory, the sense of possibility, mythology, the scope of dreams.”

Hat Check Girl, the collaboration between veteran songwriters Annie Gallup and Peter Gallway, is pleased to announce the January 2014 release of Goodbye Butterfield, their fourth recording in as many years. The duo is once again joined by Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, John Mayer) on drums. and percussion. Goodbye Butterfield’s 12 songs, ten of which are new Gallup/Gallway/Marotta cowrites, showcase the band’s literate songwriting, spooky ambiance, and hypnotic delivery. Annie sings and plays guitars, banjo, dobro, ukulele and lap steel. Peter is featured on vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, baritone guitar, mandolin, accordion, and keyboards.

“Gallway is the man with the tall-cool voice and elegantly understated touch on the electric guitar and keyboard, Gallup the siren poet with the breezy voice and sure touch on guitar, banjo and lap steel... This abundantly talented duo seems to have a genuine and gentle regard for each other that makes this a sophisticated and warm listening experience.” - Music Matters Review


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